Jaco de Bruin started his career in 1990 with a 3 year apprenticeship as a farrier in the South African Police service. After 8 years of shoeing horses he attended a Cattle Hoof Trimming course at Onderstepoort Pretoria and did it professionally from 1996.

In 1999 Jaco de Bruin attended a Hoof Health conference in America and went through official training at the Dairyland Hoof Care Inst. In the same period he worked with 7 Hoof Trimmers all over the USA.

Over the last 15 years Jaco de Bruin attended a few other hoof health conference in America, started his diploma course in the Nederland`s and passed his Exams and received his Training Diploma in Hoof Care in The Netherlands.

Riaan van Zyl started his career in 2013 at DairySmid as a Hoof Trimmer Apprentice. He completed the course in the shortest possible time & qualified in Feb 2014 as a Bovine Hoof Care Technician.

March 2019 he attended the 2019 Lameness in Ruminants Conference in Tokyo Japan & a Hoof Trimming Workshop at a Dairy in Gunma.

May 2019 on invitation of Chemunique, he attended a Zinpro Workshop & Conference on Transition Management in Robotic Herds in Eindhoven Netherlands.

Charl de Bruyn completed & qualified in Feb 2014 as a Bovine Hoof Care Technician.

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