A Little About DairySmid - Hoof Trimming

Riaan and Gert van Zyl bought DairySmid from Jaco de Bruin, whom was the founder of DairySmid. Riaan is a qualified trimmer, learnt his trade from Jaco with more than 6 years experience.

Riaan is responsible for the Operations and Quality Control within the business. Gert, Riaan’s father, is responsible for the Business Management. Jaco de Bruin, acts as a consultant to support where necessary.

Interview with Gert van Zyl

DairySmid is a Hoof Trimming and Consulting Company with over 24 years` experience in Hoof Trimming within Africa.

DairySmid first began in 1993 when Jaco de Bruin the founder completed his 3 year farriery apprenticeship with the South African Police Service in shoeing horses.

Jaco de Bruin then undertook a course in Cattle Hoof Trimming at Onderstepoort Pretoria, marking the start of the Cattle Hoof Trimming journey on which he ambitiously finds himself 21 years later.

In 2011 Jaco de Bruin was invited as the guest speaker at the International Lameness Symposium in Ruminants New Zealand, then in 2013 Jaco de Bruin was a guest speaker at the Save Cow Symposium in Baraboo Wisconsin USA. DairySmid is the leader in hoof trimming within South Africa and the preferred choice by many International Companies.

DairySmid has new owners!!

Jaco, has joined forces and is in partnership with Gert van Zyl, whom is responsible for the Business Management and good corporate governance within DairySmid. Gert has extensive business management experience working the business and military environment.

DairySmid has offices through-out South Africa, and also does work internationally on request and has done international work in:

  • Sudan,
  • Madagascar,
  • USA,
  • Angola,
  • Zambia,
  • Russia,
  • Egypt and
  • Saudi Arabia

DairySmid also does work on rare and expensive game species, to prevent and treat lameness.

DairySmid uses world class equipment from the Comfort Hoof Care Company, the equipment allows us to treat Cattle in a natural and upright position to ensure Cattle Comfort.

DairySmid takes pride in its extensive heritage and the humble roots from which DairySmid grew with offices now around South Africa.

Number of Cattle Treated

Treatments done in 2023
Treatments done in 2024
Total Number Treated since 2000

Another Milestone Achieved. We are Celebrating a Half-Million Trims Since the year 2000.

DairySmid offers the following services

Areas Of Infuence

Saudi Arabia
DairySmid has done Training with large farms in Saudi Arabia.

DairySmid does work for a large dairy farm on a frequent basis in Sudan, with the approximate cattle count being 3000 in milk.

New Zealand
In 2011 Jaco was a guest speaker at the International Lameness Symposium.

United Arab Emirates
DairySmid has done Training with large farms in the United Arab Emirates

DairySmid has done Training with large farms in the Australia

DairySmid has done Training with large farms in the Wisconsin

Jaco de Bruin was a Guest Speaker in Japan on Lameness.

DairySmid has done Training with large farms in the Egypt

South Africa
DairySmid is actively involved with the Milk Producers Organization and Milk SA. He writes articles for the “Dairy Mail Magazine” as well as for the Red Meat Producers Organization Magazine, named – “The Stockmen”.

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