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Another Milestone Achieved. We are Celebrating a Half-Million Trims Since the year 2000.

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The Leader in Cattle Hoof Trimming in Southern Africa

With our extensive experience in Animal Hoof Care you can rest assured that your Animals are well treated by experts that is in the business of Bovine Hoof Care for well over two decades, DairySmid has treated over 470 thousand Cattle and we plan to double that number in the coming few years.

Welcome to DairySmid, the Home of Bovine Hoof Care.

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About DairySmid

DairySmid is a Cattle Hoof Trimming Company that specialises in the Hoof Care of Dairy, Beef and Rare Game. Jaco de Bruin the founder of DairySmid is a qualified Blacksmith and Farrier, in 1993 Jaco started his three year apprenticeship in Farriery with the South Africa Police Service.

The Goal of DairySmid is to ensure the longevity of bovines, by addressing animal welfare and lameness. We pride ourselves in being the pioneers of the Hoof Trimming Industry within South Africa and in Africa in broad.

DairySmid has done work in Botswana, Angola, Zambia, Sudan, Madagascar and other African Countries.

State Of The Art Equipment

DairySmid uses State Of The Art equipment to treat your Cattle. As seen in the image Cattle are treated in the upright position to ensure Cattle Comfort.

About DairySmid Hoof Trimming

About Us

DairySmid Hoof Trimmnig Owners Riaan and Gert van Zyl

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